About Hillend Pet Grooming Station

Our grooming facility caters for all breeds of Dogs, Cats and small furry pets such as Rabbits and Guinea pigs.

Understanding Your Pets Needs

We at Hillend Pet Grooming Station have a good understanding of the expectations of our clients for their pet's grooming needs, and are happy to discuss your pet's grooming requirements. Regular pet grooming can help maintain your pet’s skin health and wellbeing and also, help keep your pets coats in good condition, matt free and more manageable for you.

Having worked in the industry for a number of years, we know there is more to pet grooming than a short clip or the occasional bath. By offering a number of services we can tailor to your pets grooming needs.

We pride ourselves on repeat custom and satisfied customers.

Our Grooming Studio Environment

Your Pets Hydro Bath

At the Hillend Pet Grooming Station, our premises is fitted with equipment such as the K9 Hydro-bath system a comfortable, stress free way of bathing your dog. Within the Hydro-bath area we also hand wash the smaller pets for example cats and rabbits when bathing is required.

Your Pets Grooming Tables

We also have adjustable height tables one of which flattens very low to the floor minimizing any lifting, helping older dogs retaining their dignity by getting on to the grooming table themselves with just a little help.

Keeping Your Pet Secure

We use comfortable, soft body restraints for smaller pets for them to remain on the grooming table. This also applies to small dogs of a delicate nature.

Your Pets Waiting Area

The waiting area is two large open dog cages. This helps, especially dogs whom don’t feel comfortable in an enclosed space enabling them to see everything that is going on in the grooming area. Unless pets come into The Grooming Station together, client’s pets are always kept separated for their own security and comfort.