Our Dog Services & Prices

We offer a range of grooming services for dogs including a general grooms, washes and routine dog care to sepcialist grooms dependant on breed.

The following is a guide to prices, the final quotation will depend on what the owner is looking to achieve, the size of your dog and the general condition of the pet’s coat.

General Dog Grooming Services

We offer various grooming services for your dog that can be discussed during our consultation, in order to find the right fit for you and your dog. Whether they're coming in for just a wash to brush out or a full groom.

Full GroomSize Dependant

A full groom includes a General Brush, hydro-bath, clip or scissor tidy, blow-dried, ears cleaned, nails trimmed.

Prices vary deepening on the size of your dog:
Small (full groom) from £30.00 - £38.00
Medium (full groom) from £40.00 - £45.00
Large (full groom) from £45.00 - £65.00
Extra/large (full groom) After consultation from £65+

Hygiene Groom£20.00 to £35.00

General brush, hydro-bath, ears cleaned, hair around eyes removed and clip anal area if required.

Brush onlyFrom £10.00

This is especially beneficial for pets with long hair that are groomed regularly.For example Bearded collies.

Bath and General BrushFrom £18.00

This service involves a wash and clean with our hydro bath system. (Can be used as part of their intermediate grooming program.)

General Dog Care Services

We pride ourselves in making sure your dog not only looks good, but feels good as well. As part of your dogs general care and wellbeing we offer several services that can be included as part of your pets groom.

EarsFrom £5.00

Cleaned and any hair removed inside the ear if necessary.


Checked for chips, length trimmed or filed as required.

Glands Check£6.00

Expresses if necessary(Can only be included with a bath as an extra £6.00).

Flea Treatment/WormingUpon Consultation

Flea Treatment and worming services available for your pet.

Specialised Grooming Services

We offer several specialist grooming services for specific breeds of dogs, which can only be offered after a consultation. The price of these services and whether your dog is eligible will be discussed with you during the consultation with your dog.

Line BrushingUpon Consultation

A technique used in removing moderate matting, soft undercoat or excessive shedding by working methodically through your pets coat helping natural oils produce a healthy and shinny coat. This will especially benefit dogs with full or lengthy coats, eg collies and shepherd and breeds. Line brushing is dependant on the size of the dog and the extent of work needed to clear the coat a price will follow consultation.

**Line brushing is dependant on the size of the dog and the extent of work needed to clear the coat a price will follow consultation.

StreamliningUpon Consultation

Removing clusters and soft undercoat in shorter haired dogs drawing natural oils promoting a healthy and shiny coat. This method is highly recommended for dogs with short coats, (eg Rottweilers, Chocolate Labradors and short haired cross-breeds) as it helps to bring out the beauty in their coats.

**These two types of grooming(Line Brushing and Streamling) can help reduce unwanted shedding around the home by 90%.

Hand stripping S-£45.00 / L-£65.00

Involves Finger lifting and carding a blown coat. Which Can benefit breeds for example, Border terriers Cairn terriers. A number of other breeds will benefit from this natural type of grooming. Small terrier’s from £45.00 large terriers from £65.00.

We pride ourselves on providing the right service for your dog.