Our Small Furry Pet Services & Prices

We offer a range of grooming services for small furry pets including hygiene grooms, brush-out and coat styling.

Guinea Pigs & Rabbits Grooming Services

There is a number of services for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits to help maintain healthy clean coats throughout grooming.

Hygiene Groom£25.00

A Hygiene Groom includes a bath, brush, trimming nails, cleaning ears and cleaning the back end.

Full GroomFrom £28.00

This service includes a bath, brush, clearing the back end and clipping if necessary for long haired Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Coat StylingUpon Consultation

If your Rabbit or Guinea Pig has a long haird coat. We can then offer it to be stylised to suit the look of your pet.

Claws Only£5.00

Nail service included as part of a full groom and hygiene groom involves the trimming back of nails as necessary. Nail service can be offered on its own if needed.

We pride ourselves on providing the right service for both your Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.